Make ketchup rice
Make a bear with rice on a plate
Cook eggs and cover the bear on a plate with cooked eggs
Make bear’s face with cheese and seaweed
- Onions
- Rice
- Ketchup
- Salt
- Pepper
- Eggs
- Cheddar Cheese
- Seaweed
1. Cut. Dice onions.
2. Microwave. In a bowl, add onions and cooked rice and microwave for about 1 minute or more until onions became soft
3. Mix. Add ketchup, salt, and pepper in the bowl and mix well with rice and onions. Set it aside.
4. Break Eggs. Break eggs in a bowl and mix well.
5. Heat Up A Frying Pan. Place a frying pan on a medium heat and add 1 tbsp of oil.
6. Cook Eggs. Pour eggs and stir eggs from outside to inside gently for 3 times.
7. Move Eggs Onto Rice. Once eggs are cooked, with spatula, move the eggs onto rice from the frying pan.
8. Decorate. Make bear's eyes and nose by cutting cheddar cheese and seaweed and put them on the bear's face.
9. Serve. Serve and enjoy.

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