Hi! We are the faces behind Kome Cooking. We love to eat, and that love is what first brought us to the kitchen, and eventually it brought us together. 

We first met at a Japanese Udon noodle making party, organized by a mutual friend at our college in Idaho (We will write a recipe for this Japanese Udon and share it with you soon!) We got along well talking about food, and our first dates were all centered around recreating dishes that we both missed from our time living in Japan. Since then, we have taught each other what we know in the kitchen, and because we loved the food, and everyone we shared it with did as well, we decided now is a better time than ever to start sharing that love with the world!

Besides cooking;  we like to hike, take pictures, and make art. We are currently residing in the beautiful Washington state, but have lived in several places on both sides of the country, as well as Toronto, Canada, and Fukuoka & Tokyo Japan.

We love that you found us!

-Manami and James
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